Ghana National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons (GNACSA)


5.1 Public Awareness Raising and Sensitisation


The National Commission on Small Arms embarks on sensitization and awareness raising campaigns across the country. The Commission uses both the print and electronic media to create awareness on the wrongful use of SALW and its effects on society. The Commission will use more of the media in the form of panel discussions, jingles, advertisements, documentaries, panel discussions, TV drama/theatre such as ‘Efiewura’, ‘Chorkor Trotro’, ‘Efisem’, etc, popular forums such as ‘Mmaa Nkomo’, Talking Point, TV/Radio Breakfast Shows among others in its education and sensitisation drive. In addition, education and sensitisation programmes will be organised for targeted groups such as churches, mosques, traditional and opinion leaders, students, youth groups, musicians, blacksmiths and other identifiable groups.  The NACSA is in the process of engaging the Information Services Department [ISD] and the National Commission for Civic Education [NCCE] on a nationwide campaign against SALW abuse. As part of public sensitisation and awareness raising on the dangers involved in the proliferation and misuse of illicit firearms, the National Commission on Small Arms uses its Weapons Destruction Programmes to educate Ghanaians on firearms issues and sensitises them on the dangers involved in the illegal acquisition and possession of illicit small arms in the country.


5.2 Development of a Firearms Safety Manual

The Commission has developed a Firearms Safety Manual to educate the general public and firearms users, as well as enhance the knowledge of Security Agencies on small arms. The manual would enable the general public obtain firsthand information on firearms laws, licensing, safety and other related issues, and promote responsible gun ownership and maintenance in Ghana. The document will be launched and presented to the Ghana Police Service for sale to the general public in due course.