Ghana National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons (GNACSA)


The National Commission has developed a National Plan of Action to control and manage illicit small arms in Ghana which will be launched during the second quarter of the year.


The Ghana National Action Plan for Arms Control and Management (NAP) provides the framework for a comprehensive set of activities to ensure the effective and efficient Control and Management of arms in the country. Specifically, it is the core document to guide the country’s efforts at arresting the proliferation and misuse of small arms, and eradicate threats that they pose to human security.


The National Plan of Action covers five thematic areas which are:

1. Small Arms control (policy, legislation, infrastructure, capacity)

2. Alternative livelihoods and skills development (for arms producers) and arms for development (for communities with high circulation of small arms);

3. Border control and management;

4. Stockpile and inventory management; and

5. Education and awareness raising